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Web Design

From conceptualization to launch, we work closely with clients to ensure that websites reflect brand identity, and offer unique, engaging experiences to consumers

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Augmented Reality

Provide customers with a new level of tangibility online & stand out from the competition with Augmented Reality/Virtual reality product viewers *no downloads required!


UI/UX Development

Our apps are built on the Flutter Framework, ensuring consistent user experiences across platforms, with modern interfaces to accompany

App Store

Bring your products to life

Lasting Digital Impressions

Augmented Reality brings your customers closer to your products, providing a realistic, 360 degree view, anywhere they go!

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NFT's Are For Everyone

Our mission at lïvvinyl is to optimize traditional business structures for the rapidly approaching shift to web 3.0 mainstream adoption;

However web 3.0 is a place for all! We welcome artists, content creators, and anyone with a vision for unique collections of digital assets.

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Learn how we can turn your idea in a full NFT collection
Art Design & Generation
Custom Smart Contract
Minting DAPP
Take Your Collection To The Stars


Client Showcase

Our Past Projects


Wraptors inc-
Mobile App

Augmented Reality visualizer and social community. Track your wrap progress, purchase merchandise, preview colors and more in the mobile app, now available in the IOS App store and Google Play store!

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Non-Fungible Token

NFT Collection

Why invest in only 1 project you love, when you can invest in them all? Brandz NFT membership cards provide holders access to gains based on the success of the NFT projects under each membership tier (Coming Soon)

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Brand Developemnt

Speedy Paws
Website +Branding

The talented team at Speedy Paws tasked us with designing their logo.
We delivered!

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our process

Simple 3 Step Process

Share Your Idea
Makes Technology more approachable

What began as a vision to implement Augmented Reality solutions into businesses, quickly evolved to focus on web 3.0, blockchain and 3D graphics development, establishing the company as an early player in the metaverse space.


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Transcend Reality?

"Lifestyle Optimization using tomorrow'S technology, today"

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